Is Instaffo really completely free for me as a talent?

Yes, isn't that wonderful? Instaffo is absolutely free for you as a talent and it will stay that way.

Why should I register with Instaffo, what do you do differently from others?

Because we understand you. With Instaffo, you have found the platform that makes it easier than ever to change jobs, especially in the tech, sales and marketing sectors. With us, you'll find the right jobs without even having to look for them yourself. This is ensured by our intelligent matching in combination with our Talent Success Team. You can then simply choose your favourite from the jobs we suggest based on your profile and chat directly with the recruiters on the platform. All suggested jobs match your salary expectations, skills, and search radius exactly!

Who can see my profile or can my current employer see me?

The cool thing is that at first no one can see your profile - unless you want them to. You have full control. Only when you accept a suitable job proposal that you have received from us can the respective company view your profile. Even your current employer cannot see that you are active on our platform.

How long does it take for a company to answer me and who do I talk to then?

You will normally receive feedback from a recruiter within 24 hours via the chat on our platform. And don't worry, you won't be talking to any headhunters or recruitment agencies - we deliberately cut out the middleman. Instaffo is all about quick and easy processes and personal contact directly with your new potential employer.

What happens if the job you suggested is not for me?

Then you can hide them with just one click and your profile will remain invisible to the company. We will then suggest other jobs that might be even better suited to you.

Will I have someone from Instaffo to contact if I have questions about the platform or my profile?

Of course, we are always there for you. Already during your registration process, you have the opportunity to speak directly with your personal Talent Success Manager, who will support you with any questions or possible uncertainties.

What exactly is Instaffo?

Simply the better way to recruit: Instaffo is an innovative recruiting platform for innovative employers looking to hire talents in tech, marketing and sales.

In addition to the more than 73,000 quality-vetted talents who want to find their new job through Instaffo, we attract more than 2,500 new talents every month. As a platform, we manage to get the best talent in Germany excited about your company.

You simply post your vacancies and we do all the work for you: pre-qualified talents who have already expressed interest in your jobs automatically end up in your applicant pipeline through our platform matching.

Then it's just a matter of selecting the best talents, setting up interview appointments quickly and conveniently via chat, and hiring!

What does Instaffo cost?

The price depends on the number of vacancies you want to fill at the same time as well as on the contract period. In principle, we work with a FIXED price model, which does NOT include a percentage of the gross annual salary of the recruited employee.

Book a free platform demo now to talk to an expert from our team about your vacancies and recruiting challenges.

How is Instaffo different from other job boards or traditional headhunters?

Instaffo automatically finds interested and highly qualified candidates for your vacancies, because we specialise in the tech, marketing and sales sectors and place great value on checking the quality of every talents profile on our platform. You don't have to worry about candidate search and pre-selection. All candidates can be reached via chat, are qualified and interested in your position. This means that we take over the time-consuming and cost-intensive part of the recruiting process for you. In contrast to job boards and traditional recruitment agencies, our platform provides you with suitable candidates faster, more cost-efficiently and also more qualified.

What kind of companies are looking for employees at Instaffo?

More than 600 attractive companies (including Ikea, Amazon, Check24, Allianz, Hello Fresh, Snocks, ...) trust Instaffo with their recruiting for tech, marketing and sales talent. Basically, any company that has vacancies in these areas can successfully recruit new employees with Instaffo.

For which positions can I hire through Instaffo?

If you are looking for talent in the tech, marketing or sales sector, Instaffo is the right place for you. Whether you have a vacancy in IT/Tech, Developer, Project Management, Data, Sales or Marketing, we at Instaffo can help you.