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With Instaffo it is easy to hire top talent.

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Fast hiring.

Goodbye annoying pre-selection and long email processes. By chatting directly with matching talent, you save up to 8 hours of time every week.

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Active sourcing, headhunting and job portals can get pretty expensive. This is now history with Instaffo's flexible pricing model.

Reach the best talents.

Your jobs are matched with +100k pre-qualified talent (+700 new applications every week). Only matching applications end up with you.

3x more effective sourcing.

Sit back and suitable talents apply to you, or invite talents to chat with one click. Thanks to Instaffo you have 3x higher response rates.

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Whether your goal is more applicant quality, time savings, or cost reduction.

70% faster to
the best talents

In 3 simple steps


Create job postings

Present yourself in the best light with over 100,000 vetted talent profiles from Tech, Marketing and Sales. Every week +700 new talents sign up and you benefit from job layouts optimized for more applications.


Let Instaffo do the work for you

Matching talents automatically apply directly to you. In addition, you can screen talent profiles yourself and invite them to chat with just one click.


Chat, interview, hire

Talk to your top talents in the platform chat. Then it's time to clarify open questions, interview and hire your favorites.

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